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Living and working in a small town placed in the Piedmont countryside has bring Pola e Massa near to the concreteness and traditions, combining engineering skills and a craftsmanship approach. Company attention has been totally focused on the essence of the product/service, trying to enhance its listening capacity and maintaining a strong attention to innovation.

Most important Pola e Massa values in pursuing its own goals are related to the following points:


Equipment and services able to ensure high quality policies are key elements of the Pola e Massa proposal. Reliability, long working life and excellent performances are the essential features that have to be included in the equipment made in Ovada, as well as professionalism, courtesy and responsiveness are main elements of the services offered.


Technological development and requests coming from the market are driving people behaviour and manufacturing systems evolution; for this reason Pola e Massa wants to ensure customers, through relevant long-term innovation plans, up-to-date products/services and an environmentally friendly approach. A dedicated R&D department and agreements with major research centres ensure proven long-term paths, often offering better solutions compared with standard and existing processes.


Companies mean people and these are a key factor to be successful. Flexibility, training, individualized growth plans, professionalism, right balance between private and working life and a strong passion for their own job are mandatory elements sought and implemented by Pola e Massa in its staff. Into a modern work organization Pola e Massa wants to encourage resourcefulness and every individual creative expression.


All Pola e Massa products are designed and manufacture respecting most common international safety regulations (EC, CSA, etc…) and fulfilling main safety criteria to protect operators and all people involved in their use.


This aspect is representing a distinguishing feature integrated in the designing and manufacturing activities daily carried out in Pola e Massa. Company goal is to maintain a clear identity, renewing itself without compromises. All Pola e Massa products are designed and manufactured in Italy.


Pola e Massa is currently considered the tailor of technology, able to offer to its customers highly personalized solutions, like a fine tailored suit, maintaining a suitable production and organizational efficiency, essential to ensure a proper quality/price ratio.

 Innovation is one of our goals

Sebastiano Vacca