Pola & Massa - Machines for PCBs surface preparation -


Pola e Massa is specialized in designing and manufacturing washing systems for flat sheet metal parts or with small bumps. Many equipment solutions, stainless steel, titanium or polymeric material made, are available to treat small, medium and big size pieces.
Mentioned machines can be easily installed in already existing manufacturing lines and are able to guarantee good performances even in term of productivity.
The company provides standard and customized configurations suitable to only use water or facilitate washing processes by detergents or adjuvants.

Some examples:

Washing machine mod. PeM Washer 650

Washing machine stainless steel made, conveying system using rollers and integrated drying. Useful for a wide range of applications. Mainly suggested for medium size pieces.

Washing machine mod. PeM Washer 300

Washing machine stainless steel made using grid conveyor belt. Designed for small size pieces.

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