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Pola e Massa has an established and proven experience in planarization, obtaining top results in finishing and offering high level performances. Its product range currently includes two different solutions able to manage mechanical planarization processes.

PeM Planarizer 650

Compact size solution with multiple vertical brushes that allows to remove excess of applied paste from conductive holes during PCB’s manufacturing processes. It is an evolution of the previous Multiroll model, successfully marketed for more than 10 years and suitable to deburr and to remove paste in excess avoiding holes ovalization. Dozens of these machine were installed and currently serviced and maintained at leading PCB’s manufacturers.

PeM Evolution 3000

It is the latest evolution of the PeM Planarizer mod. 650, well recognized at worldwide level as a reference point for above mentioned processes. More performing planarization requests coming from the market pushed Pola e Massa to develop a flexible and suitable solution to meet increasing complexities coming from multi-layers PCB’s production. This machine, by a single vertical brush, is able to manage its movements controlling the process on 3 different axis and treat panel also only locally.
It can be particularly useful for small productions batches, for R&D departments and eventually to increase production capacity of the already existing PeM Planarizer mod. 650 machines.

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