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Since 1978 Pola e Massa is one of the main player in the market. The gained experience has allowed to become one of the leaders in Italy and abroad in designing and manufacturing equipment for surface treatment and handling, ensuring high level performances in many industrial sectors (PCB's, aerospace, transportation, chemical milling, construction, energy, furniture, heath care, rubber and plastic, jewellery, mechanical, consumer electronic, shipyards, etc…).

Pola e Massa's headquarter is based in Ovada, in the South-East of the Piedmont Region, and the company is organized in two Divisions focused on:


The existing Pola e Massa product range includes heterogeneous equipment and configurations, metals or polymeric materials made, specifically dedicated to various steps in the PCB's manufacturing and handling processes:

Hundreds of Pola e Massa machines have been working worldwide since early 80's in the manufacturing plants of many market leaders as well as in small and medium enterprises. The acquired experiences in the most prestigious companies and their trust in the Pola e Massa proposals can confirm effective value, durability and reliability of the provided technologies and products/services.


Pola e Massa has been representing a reference point for all customers interested in solving issues connected to sheet metal surface treatment and handling but also to a lesser extent other flat materials. Standard equipment or customized solutions, able to manage heterogeneous materials (aluminium, stainless steel, metal alloys, ceramic, glass, etc…), are available for various processes. Main applications in which Pola e Massa can support its own customers are related to: