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The value of an investment in manufacturing technology solutions changes over time considering 5 main elements:

  • Actual use
  • Efficiency
  • Residual value
  • Market conditions
  • Technology leap forward (significant changes in used technology)
Certainly some of the above parameters, i.e. market conditions, can not be directly influenced by customer but others can be properly managed, establishing strong relationships with suppliers and looking for efficiency and reliability.
To be recognized as a reference point in the market, Pola e Massa have been investing significant resources and strongly implementing its spare parts supply chain, to further preserve the long term value of equipment provided to customers.

The main goal is to reduce production downtime, increasing equipment reliability and efficiency. Pola e Massa is working to continuously minimize equipment check up and technical services timing by new investments in human resources and technologies, updating its warehouses and monitoring services performance.

All above mentioned initiatives help customers in reducing as much as possible machines downtime, but they are not enough to be really successful. Pola e Massa is aiming to provide an high level full service, therefore it has decided to introduce in its own proposals planned maintenance services and to increase the value of machines by dedicated extended warrany. Moreover, Pola e Massa protects its customers also providing take-back programs, which are able to generate useful financial resources for new investments.

For further information do not hesitate to contact the Spare Parts Department.

email: spares@polaemassa.com
Tel. +39 0143 83.77.11
Fax +39 0143 800.12