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Pola e Massa is an industrial company specialized in designing and manufacturing processing equipment, metals or polymeric materials made, in heterogeneous sectors, to treat flat surfaces or with small bumps, and in automation systems.

The company is currently organized into two Divisions specialized in:
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's)
  • Metals and other materials
Various machines and configurations are currently available according customers’ needs, from basic solutions to more complex and customized devices with robotic automation systems.

More in detail, areas of application in which Pola e Massa can offer its own expertises are related to:


In this field are available scrubbing, brushing and deburring machines but also pumice machines with brushes and chemical equipment as stripping, etching or developing machines.


Different solutions are available for cleaning processes, in particular for washing and/or degreasing activities.


Many alternative models are currently included in the Pola e Massa product range for loading, unloading and handling.


They allow to guarantee to customers customized solutions respecting laws in force and ensuring high quality results.


Pola e Massa supports customers by dedicated and customized advisory services (pre-sale and post-sale), maintenance interventions and operators/staff training. A well stocked warehouse also ensures spare parts availability in a short time. On request it is always possible to arrange trials to evaluate matching between final results, using Pola e Massa equipment, and customers’ technical requirements.

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