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Pola e Massa is interested in developing benefits for all actors involved in its own economic cycle, taking care to build up and manage a system of relationships able to guarantee a sustainable development, that means an approach to an economic development able to preserve both the environment and goods to protect future generations. The commitment of Pola e Massa towards this goal is pointed out by a dedicated attention to three main pillars:

Environmental sustainability

It means the capacity to maintain in the long-term products quality and services level, minimizing waste production for a better world and sustainable ecosystems;

Economic sustainability

It refers to end users ability to permanently create worth and jobs by an efficient and rational use of available factors of production, reducing non-renewable resources exploitation;

Social sustainability

It is connected to the people desire to offer to the current and next generations fair conditions and preferably better prosperity, ensuring access to fundamental resources of a modern society (i.e. safety, health, education, etc…) providing both goods and services.

As a family-owned company, Pola e Massa believes that long-term results can be only obtained through responsible actions and acting in a sustainable way. This target can be reached in different ways but some key principles have to be well defined to protect the environment, workers and customers.
These mandatory aspects are related to:

  • Train and motivate employees to guarantee their commitment, skills and environmental sensitivity.
  • Create all necessary conditions to have a safe working environment for both company engineers and end user operators in using Pola e Massa equipment.
  • Implement all actions in the value chain to minimize in every phase their environmental impact, preserving the environment and reducing their economic cost.