Pola & Massa - Machines for PCBs surface preparation -


During industrial activities there is the possibility that treated pieces are being attacked by various contaminants, normally used in the manufacturing processes or existing in production processes. Also production timing can negatively influence final results.
These contaminations may change pieces surface features, limiting or reducing next processes efficiency and effectiveness, and making evident relevant deviations compared to the expected final results.


These possible contaminants, that have to be removed, may arise from time to time from different sources (i.e. possible oxidations at different temperatures, residues after thermal treatment, burnt on grease, processing oils, fingerprints, finishing substances, gloves footprints, anticorrosive agents, inks for stamping, etc…) and for this reason is strongly suggested to customize equipment according current customers’ needs and future expectations.

Pola e Massa may support customers in both evaluating surface’s features and finding best technical solutions to meet their technical requirements.
These machines can be eventually completed adding dedicated industrial modules (i.e. washing modules, drying modules, etc…) to get high efficiency processes.

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