Pola & Massa - Machines for PCBs surface preparation -


A cleaver approach in using technologies, to improve and control industrial processes, is able to generate several positive effects to get:

  • Optimal control of production
  • Better working conditions for workers
  • Higher product quality (conformity and homogeneity to technical requirements)
  • Productivity growth
  • Flexibility of organizational structures
  • Costs savings
  • Staff qualification and more comfortable working environments supporting activities that can usually be:
      - Repetitive (alienating workers)
    - Hazardous (harsh production environments)
    - Complex (ordered sequence of operations)
    - At high accuracy goals
    - At relevant cleanliness requirements

After many years in managing these issues, Pola e Massa is able to provide different types of automation equipment to manage PCB's during industrial processes.

Some examples:

In order to select your own equipment, able to perfectly meet your needs, do not hesitate to contact Pola e Massa engineers.

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