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Washing processes during PCB’s manufacturing are becoming more and more critical due to high tech development in designing and manufacturing new boards with special features. For this reason Pola e Massa have been dedicating relevant resources to offer equipment able to perfectly guarantee PCB’s cleaning.

Pola e Massa designs and manufactures washing system able to be used in the first steps of the PCB's production process (i.e. post H.A.S.L. process), and not when components have been already placed on the board.

Various solutions are available in the Pola e Massa product range.

Some examples:

Washing machine mod. PeM Washer 650

Washing machine stainless steel made with conveying system using rollers and integrated drying. Compact size solutions and flexible enough to manage a wide range of applications, in particular suggested for post H.A.S.L. process. Machine can be implemented with many accessories.

High flow washing system

Washing system stainless steel made, suitable to be used stand alone or in combination with other processing modules included in the Pola e Massa Modular product range (i.e. brushing machine). Strongly suggested when it is necessary to clean high tech PCB’s (i.e. having very relevant aspect-ratio); it is representing the state-of-the-art equipment in PCB’s washing.

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