Pola & Massa - Machines for PCBs surface preparation -


The Pola e Massa product rage for PCB’s includes heterogeneous equipment suitable to both prepare materials and guarantee finishing applications, from surface finishing of PCB’s to mechanical cleaning before dry-film application.

Machines can be selected following two main basic configurations:


It refers to compact size machines, very often including in the same frame brushing, washing and eventually drying process. This configuration is also suggested for stainless steel press plate cleaning.


It includes a wide range of possible high performing configurations, both in term of used technology and process complexity. This choice allows to get your own customized and flexible configuration, able to guarantee expected results even in the more complex processes. Pola e Massa provides brushing modules having 2 or 4 brushes, widely combining each other and, in order to ensure better functionality, sundry washing and drying modules can also be installed. On request you can also order totally customized solutions.

Both configurations, Unibloc and Modular, can be ordered considering three different levels of automatisms:

A)MANUAL, where operators are forced to manually set main operative parameters (i.e. brushing positioning, water pressures, air pressures, etc…) of the mentioned equipment during the whole manufacturing process.

B)SEMI-AUTOMATIC, which allows operators to only set some operative parameters (i.e. thickness of incoming pieces) of the machine, while others (i.e. brushing positioning) are automatically managed by the machine PLC considering parameters manually set.

C)FULL-AUTOMATIC, where operators activities are reduced to a very few initiatives during the whole manufacturing processes.

Main accessories available for the above mentioned equipment are:

  • Filtering systems (i.e. using cartridges, centrifuge process, etc…)
  • High pressure washing systems (i.e. 10 bar - 145 PSI, 30 bar - 435 PSI, 100 bar - 1.450 PSI, High flow, etc…)
  • Ultrasonics
  • Air Cleaning systems (i.e. blow off)
  • Conveying systems (i.e. transport systems using rollers and/or belt, etc…)
  • Automatisms (i.e. centering tools, thickness readers, board alternators, data matrix collector, etc…)
  • Automation systems (i.e. loaders, unloaders, buffering systems, orthogonal diverters, etc…)
  • Dedicated tanks for liquids management
Pola e Massa also provides a complete range of brushes, both in term of materials used and requested finishing.

In order to find your own configuration, able to perfectly meet your needs and technical requirements, do not hesitate to contact Pola e Massa engineers.

email: sales@polaemassa.com
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