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From its foundation Pola e Massa is paying proper attention to environmental aspects, to workers’ health and safety and to efficiency and effectiveness parameters during manufacturing processes. This approach has stimulated the company to make available different filtering solutions to integrate its processing equipment.

Currently the most requested filtering systems are related to:

Centrifugal filtering system

In this application the filtering process works by a centrifugal system. An high speed rotating filter forces a quick separation between solids residues, that remain inside a rotating drum, and liquids that are expelled outside by centrifugal force. Solid residues inside the drum are dry and have to be periodically removed. The filter is compact, easy to be integrated and fits a wide range of applications. Being an high performancing system, it is suggested for processes where it is necessary to filter a relevant quantity of solids.
It has a stainless steel made frame with a filtering case of aluminium (also available stainless steel made) and a stainless steel recycling tank with its dedicated pump is also included.
Thanks to its manufacturing process generates a very low noise level.

Canister/s filters

Filtering system suitable to work using not washable cartridges that have to be replaced once exhausted. Usually used for processes where filtering needs are not particularly stressed, it is recommended for low-medium level filtering performances and to integrate other filtering systems (i.e. Centrifugal filtering system or Gravity filter). Cartridges with different filtering power are available.

Gravity filter

It allows to treat dirty liquids coming from processing machines through a dedicated fabric filter. Supplied in replaceable rolls, it is unrolled on a dedicated housing to be able to receive solution that have to be filtered. Once unrolled fabric filter is exhausted the equipment will replace it by a dedicated motorized system, providing new filtering tissue to always guarantee expected performances. Frequency in fabric filter replacement is directly depending upon the thickness of sludges remained on the fabric and on fabric filter features.
Recommended for medium performance processes, it can be integrated by the Canister filter solution and includes a stainless steel frame with its own pump and a floater plus the unrolling system. It is also available PP made.


Suitable to guarantee a reduction of an excessive salts concentration in the water during washing process and avoid haloes during drying process. Strongly recommended when water used in the manufacturing process has a relevant hardness in term of salts concentration.

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